About Us

Women For Change is a non profit organization that seeks to improve the livelihoods of people from poor backgrounds (especially those living in urban slums, rural settings and disaster prone areas) through women empowerment, leadership training, creating social awareness, initiating capacity building activities and supporting community projects.
We have successfully initiated these activities in some parts of Kenya. However, these activities require financial support so as to enable us to meet our objectives and reach the goals we've set. As such, we depend on donor funding as well as well wishers.
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Our Objectives

  1. To develop, evaluate and execute income generating livelihood programs
  2. To create awareness in diverse sectors such as environment, self governance and resource mobilization
  3. To implement development projects
  4. To work with the local people to strengthen other organization
  5. To promote knowledge, skills and resource to strengthen the process of self development

WFCO is actively involved in improving livelihoods in the community. Through our community development projects, we have been able to train, support and source  funding for young women to start and operate handicrafts businesses. We are also involved in seeking new markets for such small businesses both locally and abroad. Some of the artwork done by members of our organization include paintings, wrist bracelets, curios and other African-themed items.

Another area of focus for our organization is orphaned children and the elderly. We have partnered with schools and children's homes to ensure that orphaned children are properly schooled and taken care of and that they are not left out in society. We also support needy children by offering food, clothing and other necessities received from donor and well wishers.

Our organization also works with community members to support the elderly in the society. We provide food, clothing and other items wherever we can. In addition, we also provide free medical camps for the elderly in partnership with local clinics.

Early marriages and female genital mutilation has been a major problem in Kenya especially in rural settings. Our organization has taken steps to end these kind of social problems by sensitizing members of the community during our workshops. We are constantly monitoring these environments together with government institutions and locals to ensure that they do not happen. Additionally, we have put programs in place to help victims to recover from such ill experiences.


  1. Daniel B. Mamboleo - +254 727 229 151
  2. Mrs. Margaret Kimani

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