Women For Change Organization's (WFCO) mainly works with groups of poor people in Kenya to improve their social and economic lives thereby reducing poverty and improving livelihoods.

It specifically deals with women, men and children from poor backgrounds (orphans, widows, widowers, the elderly, those living with HIV/AIDS and other terminal illnesses) in urban slums, rural and disaster prone areas.

WFCO assists these groups of people to acquire training on life promoting skills as well as micro-financing opportunities provided by upcoming financial institutions and banks lending credit to organized community groups of poor people to carry out small businesses. For example, the CFC BANK in Kenya, through WFCO has assisted in training and then loaning these groups and individuals to start up small businesses for income generating activities to earn a living and support themselves.

It empowers women through sustainable development initiatives and training of local community leaders and elders on matters of peace and order in society.

Specifically, it provides training on gender issues, advocacy and on HIV Aids issues such as creating awareness. It also carries out capacity building initiatives on women and the youth in leadership and organization skills in Micro-finance initiative on relevant income generating activities (IGAs)

Our Objectives

  1. To develop, evaluate and execute income generating livelihood programmes
  2. To create awareness in the diverse sectors such as environment, self governance and resource mobilization
  3. To implement development projects
  4. To work with the local people to strengthen other organization
  5. To promote knowledge, skills and resource to strengthen the process of self development