The NGO has been trying to assist and the poor by donating food and clothes as well as assisting them to stay in school by giving them bursaries.


The structures and support provided by WFCO, thus, offers poor communities in third world countries the below listed opportunities:

  • Opportunity and platform for social interaction
  • Promoting cultural understanding among social groups
  • Providing support and care to the less fortunate
  • Enhancing the social and economic lives of the poor
  • Restoring the lives and dignity of the poor
  • Providing opportunity for individual regeneration through group activities
  • Providing a platform where local problems find common solutions
  • Opportunities to develop, evaluate and participate in the development of their communities
  • Create and raise awareness of the poor in diverse sectors of the economy
  • provide the local poor the opportunity to manage their environment and govern themselves through organized activities.
  • Mobilization of resources and implement their own development.
  • Work among themselves and strengthen their capacities through their own groups.
  • Acquire skills and promote knowledge through training and working together
  • Chart and manage their own destiny through self-development.